Monday, August 29, 2011

"HQ, we've got a pilot down!"

The past few days have been quite action packed with visiting relatives, I apologize for absent blogs.

August 11th, quite a while back, I was called from my computer where I was socializing over Facebook, up to the porch where mom was intently looking over a butterfly sitting on our grill. I asked her what was wrong when she replied that the butterfly was injured somehow and was unable to fly away. We spent the next 20 minutes or so looking after this poor creature, trying to assess the damage of the little flyer and making sure the cat didn't get to him.

It was amazing, being able to see this little piece of creation is such detail without a microscope or killing it. With your own two eyes, you could see and count each one of the little claws this guy used to walk around with while being grounded. I never noticed before that there are actually two parts to each wing a butterfly has, it actually works just like an airplane! He can steer himself with fantastic maneuverability (compared to our modern technology that is, I'm sure he still bumps into a tree here and there.) just by adjusting his wings mid-flight ever so slightly. 
Amazing little piece of God's creation!  

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